Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Time I Walked In On the Police Interrogation

So I was at some Sheriff’s station, Sunday night, and they were supposed to be having a press conference about some guy they’d just captured. When I pulled up, I saw all the other tv guys trucks out there, so I knew I was in the right place. The front door was locked, so I went around to a side door. Open. I walked in, but the place was empty. I wandered up and down the hallways a bit, looking for where everyone was.

The only voices I heard were coming from a room with frosted windows and a closed door marked “conference room”. I could hear a guy speaking in a strong, loud voice, and could see movement through the windows. I guess this is the place.

So I opened the door. If you’ve ever seen “The First 48” tv show, you can imagine what I saw. There’s a guy in a chair, hands cuffed in front of him. Ashtray of cigarette butts, half full paper cups of coffee. A large plainclothed cop is hunched over the suspect guy, one foot up on a chair. Another guy is taking notes. I’m not totally sure if those details are accurate, or I’m just thinking of The First 48. But anyways…

The big cop’s head snaps around to look at who opened the door. Maybe the suspect wouldn’t confess to murdering the kids (or whatever it was), or maybe he was playing the “bad cop” that day, or maybe that’s just the kind of guy he was, but this cop was PISSED. Already. Before douchebag me opened the door.

So I say “Um… Is this where the press conference is?”
He replied, “GET… THE FUCK… OUT!”
I interpreted that as “No”.
“Larry (or whatever)! Lock that fucking door!”

So that was pretty much it. I hightailed it out of the police station and hid away in my truck. The crew called to ask where I was, but I refused to go back in the building. “I don’t think they like me in there” I said. I never did find out why I couldn’t find the right room.

Also I never did find out if the suspect I walked in on was the guy the press conference was about. It probably was, considering there was no one else in the building. I always wondered if it dawned on the guy that they were about to have a press conference about him, and how that might have affected the interrogation.

And that’s the time I walked in on the police interrogation.


Me - in Progress... said...

I know I'm gonna love these stories..

Unknown said...

What kind of reporter cowers in the van after walking in on the BIG story!?

You should have grabbed a camera and starting banging on that door demanding to see what the taxpayer dollars are being spent on!